Thinking Day on the Air GB2TGU 2015

“The successful communicator Brownies
The successful communicator Brownies

The Brownies from St John’s Margate had a wonderful time earning their communicator badge as part of the Guides Thinking Day on the Air celebration. They enjoyed several challenges which taught them about communication. They communicated with each other using Morse code, they tracked down a ‘fox’ which was transmitting Morse, they used ‘walkie-talkies’ practising the phonetic alphabet and they spoke confidently to other radio amateurs around the country on the special event station GB2TGU. At the end of a packed afternoon they were skilled communicators and appreciated the importance of amateur radio in a variety of situations.
There were four activities and the Brownies rotated after about 15 minutes for each one.

“Tracking the fox
Tracking the fox

Matt and Kaz Payne helped the Brownies by hiding the 80m transmitter and explaining to the girls how to use the PJ80 receiver.










“Sending Morse code
Sending Morse code

John Hibbbert had the Brownies communicate to each other using Morse code.







“Operating a radio
Operating a radio

Ian Warnecke and Clive Widdus helped them to use the correct technique when operating hand held radios. Brown Owl Gill Goodwin had a turn on the microphone too.






“This is GB2TGU calling CQ
This is GB2TGU calling CQ
Bob Macdonald and Ian Lowe showed the girls how to communicate to other radio enthusiasts and Guide groups across the country using the call sign GB2TGU.