PSK31 Buildathon

The club organised its first Radio Buildathon in which the members built a special kind of radio receiver. It was a very successful event with everyone completing their project. For some it was their first time soldering but they were patiently guided by mentor Bob Fidler.

Martins explaining a component to Lyne
Martins explaining a component to Lyne.

The project came in kit form provided by the Radio Society of Great Britain. The radio uses a unique data mode that can be picked up after travelling long distances, even when you can barely hear the signal. It is called PSK31 which stands for phase shifted keying at 31 bits per second.

Proud constructors!
Proud constructors!.



For amateur radio enthusiasts wanting to gain their intermediate licence this is an ideal project. In fact three members made the receiver in anticipation of taking their intermediate course before they had even gained their foundation licence!