Welcome to the Hilderstone Radio Society!

A friendly and active group of radio enthusiasts and licensed radio amateurs, the Hilderstone Radio Society is a vibrant community dedicated to the fascinating world of radio communications. Our members include seasoned operators, students studying for their licenses, and even a short wave listener all the way from Italy. Together, we explore the exciting realms of amateur radio including electronics and computing.

At the Hilderstone Radio Society, we are passionate about advancing our knowledge and skills in radio communications. Whether it's constructing electronic projects, utilizing computers in amateur radio, or participating in contests, we eagerly delve into diverse areas of the hobby. Our enthusiasm has not gone unnoticed, as we have been honored with the prestigious "Club of the Year" award in our region by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) for six consecutive years, from 2013 to 2018. Moreover, we achieved an impressive second place as the National large club of the year in 2015 and were overall winners RSGB National Club of the Year in 2018.

Beyond our own growth, we are committed to sharing our hobby and expertise with the wider community. We actively engage in outreach initiatives, collaborating with local schools and organizations to pass on our knowledge of radio communications. In 2016, we had the privilege of assisting Wellesley House School in Broadstairs with their amateur radio contact with none other than Astronaut Tim Peake, as he orbited aboard the International Space Station. It was an unforgettable experience that exemplified our dedication to inspiring and educating others about the wonders of amateur radio.

Our activities span a broad spectrum of interests. From supporting Trinity House and raising awareness of the work they do by running a public Special Event Station at North Foreland Lighthouse to helping the Brownies on Thinking Day on the Air, we actively contribute to various events and initiatives. We participate in special event amateur radio stations such as Museums on the Air, enabling us to blend our love for radio communication with supporting local groups and organisations. Moreover, we take pleasure in introducing the FUNcube satellite to schools, igniting curiosity about space and radio technology among young minds.

Are you new to amateur radio or eager to expand your knowledge? We extend a warm invitation to join us and embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery. Our club welcomes licensed amateurs, radio enthusiasts looking to obtain their amateur radio licenses and anyone who is curious about the hobby. We offer training programs to help you navigate the licensing process, providing comprehensive education on regulations, operating procedures, and technical concepts. Our experienced members are always ready to lend a helping hand and share their wealth of knowledge.

Come along to one of our regular club meetings or one of our upcoming events to learn more about us and the fascinating world of radio communications. Connect with us using the contact from on this website if you have any questions.

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