Tour of the Margate Lifeboat Station with Paul Hodson G1DRX

Paul and mechanic Chris Andrews treated club members to an excellent tour of the Margate Lifeboat station. We split into two groups with mechanic Chris explaining about the controls inside the lifeboat. He explained how the coxswain keeps an overall eye on all the proceedings rather than drive the boat. He pointed out the important navigation table as a paper copy of each trip is needed. GPS is not infallible! The direction finder with four antennas is very useful for finding missing yachts.

“ Chris and Graham Furlonger M0KTY
Chris and Graham Furlonger M0KTY

Paul told us a little about the history of the station and the development of the lifeboats. It was the Penlee disaster that drove the need for a self righting lifeboat. The training for crews at RNLI Poole College is very thorough with their own pool to simulate sea survival.

“ Paul sitting on Tigger 3
Paul sitting on Tigger 3








In a year or two there will be a new Lifeboat station on the Margate beach with a state of the art jet-powered lifeboat costing £2m, to be built by the RNLI at Poole. Thanks for an excellent evening with lots of interesting anecdotes.

All the best for the future – we are looking forward to a tour of the new boat and station.