Tim Peake amateur radio contact with Wellesley House

Wellesley House in Broadstairs has been selected as one of 10 schools in the UK to make a possible contact with Tim Peake when he is in orbit on the International Space Station next year. The Hilderstone club helped the science teacher to prepare the application to AMSAT UK.

At the Monday morning Assembly on 21 September at the Wellesley House School, John, G7OHO explained about the Tim Peake contact and the role to be played by amateur radio. The pupils and teachers were fascinated that Tim will only take 90 minutes to orbit the Earth.

“ Matt M0LMK explaining radio waves

Matt M0LMK explaining radio waves

To prepare the pupils for the event we are starting an after school STEM club called ‘Space Explorers’. On the Wednesday we had a taster session. While talking about Amateur Radio, Armando M0PAM demonstrated Morse and talking about Space, Matt M0LMK showed a plastic model of the Space Station.

“ Armando M0PAM showing Morse

Armando M0PAM showing Morse