RadCom Report May 2014

RadCom 1913

RadCom 2013

The club received the excellent news that it has been awarded the Centenary Club of the Year, region 12. Everyone in the club worked hard to achieve that, by volunteering at events, giving talks, helping with training and by generally supporting the club.

Alan Smith G3LHI gave a talk about his work on the oil and gas rigs where he designed the PA and alarm systems. He worked on the first amplifier for the Beatles, providing 1kW of power, needed to overcome the screams of their fans.

The club took part in National Science and Engineering week at St Lawrence College in Ramsgate. The pupils constructed crystal radios and learnt about the principles of radio communications and amplitude modulation. Steve Cockshoot G1WWR, Fred Styles 2E1HOJ and Terry Alexander of the Ramsgate Vikings Model Boat club demonstrated some of their models. They showed how a radio signal and a crystal can control the motor and rudder on the boats.