RadCom Report January 2014

RadCom 1913

RadCom 1913

The Hilderstone club is now fully functional in terms of HF and VHF/UHF thanks to the efforts of Ian Solly M0CAG, Len West G0GNQ, Matt Payne M0LMK and Don Turner G4TKR in putting up an antenna. We were able to show off Icom’s IC-7800 to ten students from the University of Kent, who had come to the club in order to complete their foundation practicals. Many club members turned up to help them through the morse exercise.

The club has a busy examination schedule ahead with twelve foundation, one intermediate and two advanced exams in December; not all on the same day!


RadCom 2013

At the meeting on the 14th November Matt Payne M0LMK gave a fascinating demonstration and explanation of his ‘drifting buoy’. He plans to have it dropped off in the mid-Atlantic allowing it to drift along with the currents. It will periodically take measurements of air and sea temperature, position and speed, which will be sent to a satellite and then on to a server in London. He wants the measurements to be available to anyone interested, including university groups. So far it has only cost him £250, much less than other similar drifting buoys.