RadCom Report August 2014

RadCom 1913

The members had a wonderful day celebrating the International Museums Weekend at the Manston Spitfire and Hurricane museum. Early in the morning we set up a large tent in the grounds. As well as making lots of contacts with other museums across the country using our call sign GB1MSM we were able to publicise the excellent work of the volunteers at the museum and the plight of the Manston airport. There was a lot of interest in our activity by the public and we recruited a new member to the club.

The following weekend we were at the White Mill windmill in Sandwich which has a heritage museum. The windmill was built in 1760 and still has most of its original wooden machinery including the wooden teeth in the gear wheels. At the club meeting John Hislop gave a talk on the FUNcube satellite project which is designed to motivate children in science and space. Pupils can download data from the satellite and analyse the readings of temperature and voltage in their lessons. It is hoped that children will have a better understanding of the harsh environment in which Tim Peake, our first official British astronaut, will find himself next year on his 2015 mission to the International Space Station.