Exam successes

“ Success!


There was success too for two pupils, Benny and Ethan, who took their examination for the amateur radio foundation licence.


They had already passed the practical assessment and had to pass the theory test which can be very challenging. They were joined by Phil Challans who also passed the examination. it was very stressful for the invigilator Ian Warnecke and trainer Clive Widdus as they had to mark the papers afterwards.


This means Benny and Ethan will eventually get their own call sign, just like Tim Peake KG5BVI and in April hopefully it will be their turn and they will be able to call him on the International Space Station, saying ‘Golf, bravo, one, sierra, sierra, GB1SS, this GB1WHS and standing by’! GB1WHS will be the special event call sign for Wellesley House school.