RadCom Report September 2014

RadCom 1913

Five members of the Hilderstone Radio Club passed their Intermediate Licence exam this month. The photo shows Michael Berry, Matthew Prentice, Graham Harris, Patrick Love and Leon Lee. Thanks must go to Steve Hartley whose online course helped them greatly with their studies.

The club has persuaded Pfizer Ltd to support a ‘space lab in a box’ package for use in local schools. With news of a UK Spaceport being announced soon, it is hoped that teachers in primary and secondary schools will use the FUNcube satellite receiver to enhance their lessons and enthuse their pupils.

Also in the package are some experiments for the pupils to help them make sense of the data telemetry. Bob Fidler M0RFZ gave a Raspberry Pi clinic to encourage members to make full use of the device rather than allowing it to gather dust. As well as making sure they had the latest operating system, Bob showed its power and versatility and how it can be used in their hobby of amateur radio.