"GB1SS, this is GB1WHS calling"

What an experience at Wellesley House school! Everyone had an exciting time whether it was building a radio, trying on a space helmet and gloves or voyaging through space in a planetarium, culminating in the amateur radio contact with Tim Peake in the International Space Station.

“ Contact made!

Contact made!

The club also contributed to the Space Extravaganza by setting up a radio station where the pupils were allowed to send a message, appropriately on Marconi day. The pupils downloaded a message from a passing satellite 200km above Tim’s spaceship.

The club members felt very proud when licensed amateur radio operators Ethan Beckett M6GQK and Beeny Yu M6YZH were the first to speak to Tim. It was a heart stopping moment when we could see and hear Tim but he couldn’t hear us but eventually the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station ARISS team managed to make contact. It was an experience the teachers and pupils will never forget!

Preparing the pupils to speak to Tim and interviews afterwards:

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The Space Extravaganza with Lauren and Kevin demonstrating electrical experiments“ “ “

“ Astronaut Ethan

Astronaut Ethan















An amazing day and a privilege to be there.