Coloured LED’s and more

It worked!
It worked!

The year 2 pupils at Callis Grange infant and nursery school were given a difficult challenge by a group of Science Ambassadors. The National Curriculum expects pupils of that age to be able to build a circuit but this challenge was to build three circuits in order to make a set of traffic lights each with its own switch. This would pose a problem for a year 11 GCSE pupil never mind a year 2 pupil! Yet that is what each child achieved, working individually, thanks to some amazing conducting play dough. One young lady exclaimed ‘this is the best thing I have ever done’.

The pupils used coloured LEDs, light emitting diodes, so they were careful to place them in the circuit the correct way round. On hand to make sure they were on the right track were some scientists from Pfizer and Instro-Precision Ltd, a nuclear engineer from Babcock International and some amateur radio enthusiasts from Hilderstone radio club.

Teacher and members of the club show how it's done.
Teacher and members of the club show how it’s done.

The science activity was such a success that the school is hoping the scientists will return next year to explore forces with the pupils.

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